Monday, November 29, 2010


[top left-right: Taylor Goldsmith (Vocals/ Guitar) & Alex Castnoff/bottom left-right: Wyllie Gelber (Bass) & Griffon Goldsmith (Drums) ]
-North Hills area of Los Angeles
-Toured with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, & Delta Spirit
- Played Bonnaroo, & Lollapalooza (Click Names for Footage)
-Album North Hills Released August 18, 2009 (A+album, I swear)

Free Downloadable MP3 of Love is all I am & When my time comes, Click Song title to Download.

Songs to listen to: When my time comes (Official Vid Below), Love is all I am (Also below) , Western Skyline

Conclusion: I am so sad that I never got into them before they played a show in Toronto. Who knows how long it'll be till i get the chance now. Well anyways, better late than never! Alright so this band is beautiful. Vocals/Instrumentals are definitely something to fall in love with. Absolutely amazing. If you like Mumford & Sons, or Deer Tick, this band is up your ally! Please check them out. North Hills is an album worth buying, which means a lot in today's time. Enjoy!

PS. Torontonians, check out this Vid of Dawes w/ Deer Tick at The Horseshoe Tavern Performing When my time comes.

At least there was no way I would have been there seeing as how i wouldn't have been of age... Still, FML. Until next time Dawes!


  1. We heard them at Lolla while we were waiting for Deer Tick & Edward Sharpe. We hadn't heard of them til then, but we really liked them. We had a real chill time sitting under a tree while they sang. Kind of forgot about them in retrospect. Thanks for reminding!

  2. No problem Chase :D Glad i could be of musical service :D Im still super sad i havent seen / heard them live yet! I will eventually though, hopefully!! :D