Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wolf Parade @ T he Sound Academy

Wolf Parade @ The Sound Academy
November 26th, 2010
I wasn't a huge fan before the show but this was definitely the case of loving a band only after seeing them live. Know what I mean!? They were amazing! Totally with the crowd and just alive. Great feel for an ending show of a tour. Spencer and Dan's Vocals were flawless and I had a great time. Lots of crowd surfers but as Wolf Parade said, Don't Get Caught! Definitely reviewing past albums much more attentively. Great show!

Download Cloud Shadow on a Mountain for Free, CLICK HERE!

This is a Video of them live at another show! :) Sound Academy Vids are not yet available.

Conclusion: If it weren't their last show, I would highly recommend you go see them asap.


  1. Amanda!! Nice review, I've always wanted to see them live, glad they do a good job :)
    -Sarah K

  2. Thanks Sarah K. ! If you ever have time, definitely check out live vids off youtube... Some of them are pretty cool! :D

  3. ACKK! I wish [TheChaseNight] and I would have stayed for their show! We ended up leaving before they played because the of the venue, long story, but I'm regretting it so much now.
    You should listen to Sunset Rubdown if you haven't; one of Spencer's past projects - I like Wolf Parade a lot, but I Sunset Rubdown songs are something intoxicating in a distinct way.
    (btw, I'm Alex, by the way, and Chase Night told me I'd love your blog- and I DO!)

  4. Hey Alex! :D Glad you've stumbled upon my blog!! Is Wildfledged your twitter user? lets be twitter friends :D Thanks for the suggestion i will definitely check them out and get back to you! :)