Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autoerotique @ The Mod Club / Kate Nash @ The Phoenix

Autoerotique @ The Mod Club
November 12, 2010
It wasn't anything too special. I definitely enjoyed their set in Guelph a lot more! I think it was because there were a lot more annoying people there this time. Aka these people you see dancing on the stage... Nobody is here to see you weirdos!! Also I don't think they brought anything to the table I haven't heard before. It felt like a very typical night at the Mod Club, which isn't bad, but it is $10 dollars cheaper. Check out this recording of them to see what i'm talking about.

Kate Nash @ The Phoenix
November 13, 2010.
She was great! Full of energy and her regulary cute self! The last time I saw her was earlier this year and she didn't play much of her old stuff but this time around she made room for all of my favourite Made of Bricks songs! Her set was prettier and she was far more outgoing! Also the turnout was a lot greater than her last show. She also made sure to meet the fans waiting outside afterwards. Good job Kate, I enjoyed myself! :)

Kate & I afterwards. :)

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