Thursday, March 31, 2011

Noah & The Whale @ The Mod Club

Noah & The Whale @ The Mod Club
Thursday, March 24, 2011
Opening group: The Bahamas
Photos taken from Stephen McGil & Nina Adler

After seeing The Bahamas play the Lissie show the first time, I was happy to hear they were scheduled to support Noah & The Whale. As mentioned in the previous concert review post, I was thoroughly impressed with their set the first time around... and things haven't changed since then! They were just as entertaining and charming as they were the first time. Except this time around I fellin love with Afie Jurvanen (lead vocals and guitar). Cool fact: Afie used to play with acts like Fiest, The Stills, Great Lake Swimmers, Amy Millan (of Stars) and Jason Collett. Now he seems to be on tour with his band The Bahamas in various parts of the States... Very cool! Excited for the day this band headlines. Check out their Myspace, click here!

After successfully putting everyone in a good mood, The Bahamas finished their set. Super girl fans began lining up the front of the stage with shiny eyes and done up hair... it was evident to me that it was going to be one of those shows... Either way, the band showed up and the venue filled with shrills... some of my own were of course in attendance! Beginning their set with "Blue Skies", the combination of the everything, especially the fiddle, was nothing less of dreamy. Lead vocalist Charlie is such a cutie pie with his blue eyes and curly hair, I had a hard time not jumping the stage to hug him! Although for the record, he isn't my type. My favourite song was definitely the performance of "The First day of Spring", it was just incredibly epic. Definitely making the list of best songs to hear live at the end of the year. All and all, Tom and his fiddle took the show home for me... it was just so pretty to hear him play amongst all the layers of music. I liked it, good show. Not to sure if I'd see them again, but I'm glad I made it out that night.

Video Footage of Noah & The Whale at The Mod Club performing First Day of Spring taken from Misserina72

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold War Kids @ The Phoenix

Cold War Kids @ The Phoenix
Friday, March 18, 2011
Opening group:
The Balconies
Picture taken from Amanda Fotes

Ottawa's act The Balconies opened the show with infectious energy which had the crowd moving from the very beginning. Vocalist Jacquie's name echoed amongst the crowd as she stole the hearts of a great majority of Torontonian Cold War Kids fans. I didn't have much of a chance to hear their entire set, but from the crowd's feedback, it was a good show. Definitely a need to look out for this year in Canadian music! Check out The Balconies on their Myspace, click here!

Showing up around 11PM, Cold War Kids started their set with "Royal Blue". Fans crowded the stage with gleaming faces and cheers. It was such a great song to start off with, so lively and dance worthy. Nathan was absolutely brilliant. His voice is just so god damn sexy. I also really enjoyed his hand gestures (see photo). Best songs were definitely "Cold Toes on Cold Floors", "Hospital Beds", "Mexican Dogs", and "Hang me up to Dry". Truthfully, the set list was pretty solid and I enjoyed every song! The best part of the night was the atmosphere. It almost didn't matter what they decided to play, the crowd was digging everything! They were amazing, and I would 100% see them again!

Video Footage taken from TheTheFisherKing

5 of 50 with Nathan of Cold War Kids

#19- Name a song that reminds you of your teenage years.
Nathan: We just went to go get Sushi down the street and they were playing the craziest mix of just Guns and Roses... Sweet child of mine was playing and I think that reminds me of being 13 and like riding bikes

#33- What has been your greatest musical find on tour?
Nathan: We've toured a bunch with umm... lets see there are so many... Elvis Perkins in Deer Land and they have a couple albums out and we've toured with them a bunch and they're fabulous I really like them . (Check out their Myspace, click here)

#37- What would you consider the best album of 2010?

Nathan: It's always so hard when you don't have the iPod handy... i love the Kanye West album... I like the Arcade fire album a lot... The National album... I don't know those are very typical one but I love all those a lot

#45- What's the one song that if it were to go on you would go crazy and dance around?
Nathan: You know the Jay Z album that was like his black album but it was remastered into the Grey album ... He mixed the Jay Z album with the Beatles White album and it was the Grey album? It always makes me go crazy.

#39- What's the most played song on your iPod?
Nathan: I'd have to guess... let me think about it... What is a song I listen to a lot... It always changes... Um this is so hard... lets say Tom Waits - Innocent when you dream

Last words to your fans:
I don't know that much about Toronto, I wish we could go around and see more...and explore music.

Thank you Nathan for your time, and keep up the good work! :D

Friday, March 25, 2011

Polock talks to LTT VIA SKYPE!

[Twitter /Facebook /Myspace /Website]
[Sebas (bass), Papu (Vocals/Guitar), Pablo (Guitar), Alberto (Keyboards), Marc (Drums)]

-An Indie band from Valencia, Spain
-Signed to Mushroom Pillow
-Played SXSW
-Have a feature in Nylon Magazine. (Read more about it, click here.)
-Describes their band as being The Strokes had they written under the Spanish sun and a giant disco ball.

Songs to listen to:
Fireworks (posted below), High on Life

Conclusion: If you're a Phoenix fan, then you will definitely like these Spanish hipsters. It's the perfect summer play list for morning bike rides and sundaes. I like it, it's fun. Their debut album "Getting Down from the Trees" hits the market March 28, 2011! So check it out! They're currently touring the states, so look out for these Latinos because they're living the dream.

5 of 50 With Alberto of Polock

#7- If you could take credit for writing any song, which would it be?

Alberto: God only knows, by Brian Wilson. Ive heard this song about one million times but there is always something else to discover in it.

#23- If you only had one more song to perform live, which would it be?
Alberto: I suppose Fireworks would be the choice if we hadn't played it before in the show. It really gets people moving.

#24- What would be the most recommended place to visit from your home town?
Alberto: It's a real privilege to see the sunset from La Albufera very near my town. It's some kind of sweet sea, where they planted rice in the old times. It's really beautiful.

#27- What would have to happen to your band to say they have made it big time?
Alberto: Knowing we are going to tour the US! This was incredible news for us, and a sign that things are working.

#49- What's your favourite publication/magazine?
Alberto: I'd say NME

Thank you Alberto
and Rocio of Digital Girl for making this happen!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Strokes - Angles

The Strokes - Angles
Released: Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

Releasing their fourth album since "First Impressions of Earth" in 06', The Strokes came together and recorded "Angles". The first album with songs written by all members of the group, a project described by Julian Casablancas as "Operation make everyone satisfied." What do I think of the collaborative writings? I think a lot of it's kinda boring and not as impacting as I had hope. According to Pitchfork, Julian separated himself from the recording process by sending a lot of his vocal tracks electronically... That's kind of awkward. But who knows, this kind of stuff probably happens all the time. Anyways, I'm rather disappointed with this album... There was definitely too much hype around it and it only lead to somewhat of a let down...but maybe I expected too much? I mean, there are some songs that will make it to my iPod, like "Under Cover of Darkness" and "Call me back"... but yeah, it unfortunately wasn't what I expected. It's super 80's, which is cool... but yeah, "Angles" just didn't do it for me. Although, there is still possibility that it'll grow on me... we'll see.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Twitter /Myspace /Website /Facebook

-Matthew Houck from Alabama.
-Used to perform under the name "Fillup Shack"
-Played all of the instruments on his record "Pride"
-Playing Bonnaroo 2011
-"Last thing I needed first thing this Morning" session on KEXP
-Performance on Dave Letterman
-Has two Daytrotter Sessions, click here.
-Has a Tribute album to Willie Nelson called "To Willie"
-Recorded a Black Cab Sessions for "Wolves", click here.
-New music video for "It's Hard to be Humble when you're from Alabama" posted July 2010, click here.
-"I wish I was in Heaven sitting down" on Paste Magazine. (This one's worth the click!)

Songs to listen to: Wolves (Posted below), I wish I was in Heaven sitting down, Full Grown Man.

Conclusion: I was pretty much 100% sold with "Wolves" and just overly complacent with "I wish I was in Heaven sitting down". I need to see this guy live, there's no doubt about it. If you're in Toronto April 10, you need to drop by Lee's Palace and spend the couple of dollars to check him out. It's going to be super! (Buy your tickets here!) Otherwise, if you're attending Bonnaroo and you're into folk music, make sure you stop by his stage because I have high anticipations with the guy!

Capsula talks to LTT VIA SKYPE!

[Twitter/ Myspace/ Website/ Facebook]
[Left to Right: Coni Duchess (Bass & Vocals), Martin Guevara (Vocals & Guitar), & Ignacio Villarejo (Drums)]

-Indie rock/garage band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Playing SXSW 2011
-In an interview, the band described their concert performances as "A furious volcano exploding from Mars"
-Have been compared to bands like The Stooges and The Pixies on numerous occasions
-Have played sessions with KEXP.
"Still in the way & Magnetic Brain" on KEXP
"All to be with you" on KEXP

Conclusion: Their music is a lot more heavier than what I've been listening to lately, but it works. It's very edgy and kinda loose at the same time. It almost makes me want to change my image and rock the straight bands and leather jacket. I've also read nothing but amazing raves concerning their live performances, need to check that out one day. They've already toured internationally, but have released new tour dates for round two... which means my day will come and I'll be able to form my own opinion! Check them out if you're into the video above.

5 of 50 w/ Martin & Connie (VIA Skype)

#6- What movie can you watch repeatedly?

Coni: A Hard Day's Night
Martin: Taxi Driver

#3- Favourite childhood movie/toy?

Coni: Stand by Me and A little tape recorder
Martin: A truck from Argentina called Duravit, they were really hard so they would never break

#27- What would have to happen for your band to say that they've made it big time?

Coni & Martin: Have dinner with David Bowie

#9- Strangest rumor you've heard about yourself?

Coni & Martin: Always all about drugs. There are a lot of mystifications about rock.

#48- Worst/Most regretted purchase?

Coni: A very bad bass distortion pedal! it was no good for the bass, but it was ok to put the vocals through
Martin: A vinyl record from Jeff Beck, that one was not yardbirds at all, it was all about the 80s !!!

Thank you Capsula and Rocio of Digital Girl for making this happen!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Middle Brother w/ Dawes and Deer Tick at The Opera House

The Middle Brother @ The Opera House
Friday, March 11, 2011 Opening groups: Dawes and Deer Tick w/ Special guest Johnny Corndawg
(Photo taken by Riley Taylor)

If you aren't familiar with The Middle Brother then here's what you need to know. The Middle Brother is the terrific combination of lead singers from Dawes, Deer Tick and Delta Spirit... yes, too good to be true is right! Honestly, I can't think of a better collection of artists, but does it sound good? It sure fricken does!

Opening the evening's events was Dawes. Lead vocalist Taylor played the first few songs by himself showcasing the band's newest, "A little bit of everything". The song was perfect, but what really made his performance good was his stage presence! Even though he stood alone, he had everybody's attention. After playing solo, his younger brother Griffin joined the stage to share "Love is all I am", which I thought to be pretty sweet... That Griffin fellow makes the strangest faces as a drummer... so much passion with every beat, looks almost painful. I loved it! Wylie and Robbie (a fill in) joined the stage to complete the band shortly after. This was around the time Johnny Corndawg appeared after his introduction as being one of the band's favourite song writers. He had American dollar bills pinned to his shirt and a beard that could hide small birds...too cool for school. They played a couple more songs and ended their set with John (of Deer Tick) joining the band in the magnificent performance of "When my time comes". It was spectacular! If my night had to end there, I would have been alright. But it didn't!

Up next, Providence's Deer Tick. Rockin the red pants, John (a member of Middle Brother) joined the stage along with members Dennis (drummer), Ian (guitarist), and Chris (bass). Playing mostly from Black Dirt Sessions, Deer Tick brought exactly what we needed to the table! Although I do love the new stuff, I fell in love with War Elephant, and John's performance of "Ashamed" did it for me that night. I think I also died when he crouched down in front of me and started talking to me mid concert... I'm sorry but I'm in love now! He's officially my favourite. His voice is just too good live.

(Photo taken by Greg Abramowitz)

Now it was time to bring out the headlining band, The Middle Brother! Matt (of Delta Spirit), John (of Deer Tick) and Taylor (of Dawes) arrived on stage with Griffin (of Dawes) supporting them on drums. It was such a great way to end the show because every time one of the band members joined another group to sing a bit, it was such a tease... All needs were fulfilled by the end of the night. I loved "Day Dreaming" and "Theatre". Absolutely magical... At this point I was just sad that it was pretty much over. All and all it was an great show that gives me something amazing to look back on. I suggest to anyone who hasnt heard of either bands to check them out as soon as possible!

First timers to:

Dawes - Check out "When my time comes"
Deer Tick - Check out "Ashamed"
Delta Spirit - Check out "Tomorrow goes away"

Taylor Goldsmith playing the new Dawes track "A little bit of Everything".

5 of 50 With Dawes, Delta Spirit,
and Deer Tick

John of Deer Tick
#34: What's your favourite spot to write music?
John: In a notebook. I never really have a permanent place, I kinda hope uhh yeah as long as I have a notebook... and a pen, that's where I prefer writi
ng... I've had a laptop fail before and you write on scraps of bits of papers I always end up losing... so a notebook is the place to go. You know 5 subjects spiral notebook!

#25: If you never became a band, what would you be doing right now?
John: Probably would focus more on behind the scenes aspect o
f music... which is something I really suck at but I would have some sort of potential in. I used to be a projectionist, and I didn't mind that... I don't know if I would ever persue that... Probably some studio engineer

#49: What's your favorite publication?
John: I don't read too much blogs, but the one I'd say I read the most often is probably Rollo & Grady (Click here to check out). Yeah, It's probably my favourite blog.

#19: Name a song that reminds you of your childhood.
John: Police Truck by the Dead Kennedys

#1: What song has been on repeat on your tour bus?
John: Tyler, The Creators - Yonkers (Click here to check out)

Last words from John:
I love you guys, sorry if I'm too drunk to play sometimes!

Matt of Delta Spirit
#17: Does the band Delta Spirit or the Middle Brother have any pre-show rituals?
Matt: There kinda is and there isn't... Like some guys go to the hotel before and get dinner and then relax and show right when it's time to go on... I don't do that usually... but sometimes I do and sometimes I don't... We like to look each other in the ey
e and kinda show love...but we don't say anything special... it's just kinda know, a mutual acknowledgment that we're all in it together

#36: What's your favourite thing or pla
ce that doesn't exist anymore?
Matt: Texicalli Grille in Austin Texas... there was a place owned by a guy who was the unofficial mayer of South Austin, his name was Danny Young...died of cancer two years ago... Yeah uh, best cheeseburger I've ever eaten...and inside of it was a basically a gutted 1970's Taco Bell turned into a burger place and it had tons of like cartoon stuff...and like GI Joes and old Star War dolls...and stuff like that... it was cool! My mom would take me there! (Click here to read more about it)

#41: What's the one song that if it were to go on you would go crazy and dance around?
Matt: Talib Kweli - Just to get by

#19: Name a song that reminds you of your teenage years?
Matt: Alice in Chains - Rooster (Click here to Listen)

#23: If you only had one last song to perform, which would it be?
Matt: Probably the last one I wrote. If I could play just one, it be the last one I wrote.

Last words: Hi, I hope you guys are doing good today!

Tyler, Wylie, & Griffin of Dawes
#13: If your house caught fire, what item would you run out the house with?
Griffin: My dog
Wylie: My bass
Taylor: I got a really awesome 1965 Gibson J 45 Guitar, that would be right at the top of my list.

#43: If you were destined to become deaf, which song would you choose to hear for the last time?
Griffin: Stevie Wonder - I believe
Wylie: I'd probably choose Express yourself by Charles Write

#33: What is your greatest music find on tour?
Griffin: Jackson Browne which was pretty cool for us.
For a record Bob James 4.
Taylor: I mean we met Deer Tick on tour and that changed us musically... we got to get to know John and his songs.

#50: Favourite 1 hit wonder?

Griffin: We're gonna go with Ned Doheny - Give it up for Love

#29: The easiest way to kill time without being on the internet.
Griffin: Sleeping.
Wylie: Listening to music
Taylor: Reading... [Amanda: A book you'd recommend?] "Tender is the Night" by Fitzgerald

Last words: Keep coming out to the shows!

Thank you Deer Tick, Dawes, and Matt from Delta Spirit for sharing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aunt Martha @ Naco Gallery

Aunt Martha @ Naco Gallery
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Originally from New Hampshire, Aunt Martha joined the streets of Toronto after successfully convincing the boarder of Canada that yes they are musicians, and that yes they weren't getting paid to play shows... the pains of starting at the bottom, huh guys? They were really cool though.

If you aren't familiar with the band, here's what you need to know. Aunt Martha is Tim Noyes(guitar/vocals), Garrett Leahy(drummer), and Brian Kim(violinist/bass), a folk trio who have independently released both a full length album and an EP, which PS. are both available on iTunes. They're playing SXSW this year and are currently touring the US playing a show every other night. They have an article in Cosmo Girl and have recently recorded a Daytrotter session that has yet to be posted. They aren't signed, but give it a couple more months and it should be a done deal.

Aunt Martha played their second show in Toronto at a location called The Naco Gallery, possibly the smallest place I've ever seen a show. You could literally touch the back wall in 8 steps... it was an intimate show to say the least. Set up on the ledge of the window, Aunt Martha assembled to play. A guitarist, a violinist, and a Drummer... this was totally my scene. Playing songs from both their CDs including solo covers by each of the members, Aunt Martha really showcased their love for the music. They sounded really good too, I especially liked how organic the sound was... because the venue was so small, there was so need to real technicals. Light taps of the foot were appreciated on a whole new level... They were good! What I particularly liked was Brian's cover of Ashamed by Deer Tick... very nice. They put on a good show and were really interactive with the crowd... love them!

Songs to listen to: Bloodshot and The Neighbour Song

Bloodshot (Official Music Video) from Aunt Martha on Vimeo.

5 of 50 with Aunt Martha

#23: If you only had one more song to play as a band, which would it be?
Tim: You know what, I feel like I could answer this for the band...I mean I feel like that would be our song Bloodshot...I mean I feel like if we were going to if we were up against the guns... that would be our song.

#15: If you could walk in the shoes of another person, who would it be?
Tim: Music wise I would probably have to pick Yim Yames (Jim James) the lead singer of My Morning Jacket... I have the out most respect for that fellow... he's a great singer, great writer, and uhh... Yeah, I just want to know what makes him tick! You know know? I would like to get a cup of coffee and go about my day!
Garrett: George Washington, he did a lot of nice stuff...the first president of the trip...i mean i wouldn't want to a slave owner don't get me wrong there...but uhh.. wooden teeth, interesting life?
Byran: I mean I think it would be cool to see what it's like to be Siddhartha Gautama...(Tim: Noooo you're killing us! [laughter])If I could be in his body...just to see what that's like... I'm sure it's pretty cool...

#1: What song has been on repeat on your tour bus?
Tim: That's a great questions... you know what, I'm going to answer that. The song that we've been playing for a good year now... no 6 months... is "When my time comes" by Dawes! We play that to get pumped! If we want to take our hands off the wheel and just put them up... it's a great song!

#33: Greatest musical find on tour?

Tim: We saw a band in Vermont called The Last Big Tooth, they're from Providence, they're really an impressive you know get mashed up with bands that are like so-so ... like us [laughter].. no no... but this band was really impressive...
Bryan: Yeah, I was really engaged, they have a violin player so I can really related... a really cool style and a great picker... and the lead singer had a pretty cool vibe to him

#34: Where's your dream place to play a show?

Tim: I want to play Bowery Ballroom, that's my goal! Or Byran's basement, which is also my basement.
Bryan: I wanna play Bonnaroo if we could make that happen
Garrett: I wanna play on an island!

Last words to the fans: We're goin down in flames!

Like them on Facebook, click here!
Follow them on Twitter, click here!
Check out other tracks by Aunt Martha, click here!

Thank you Aunt Martha for a great night out! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smith Westerns @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Smith Westerns @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Monday, February 28, 2011
Opening Band: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Opening was Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a three piece set from Portland. As described by their drummer Julian, they are a psych rock band. They opened the show around 10PM to a packed room... It was OK, nothing I think I will remember next week... I thought their stage presence lacked luster and their songs were just meh...but yeah, koodos for them for catching this gig!

The Smith Westerns... Where do I begin? They arrived at the venue around 7:30 after doing a promotional gig at MTV Canada... and when I caught Max walking through the Horseshoe, I asked him whether they had 5 minutes for a couple questions... he responded with the fact that the band was all interviewed out... wow, that didn't take long did it S.W.? They've been in the eyes of the media for like a year and they're how old? C'mon now, nobodies all tired out here! Not to mention they didn't come out for an encore... if you're not going to come out for an encore, make sure your like The Strokes or I don't know... a band with more than a couple good songs? Either way, I think the crowd had a good time with them. Hate to say it but I really liked "Be my Girl" and "Weekend". I can't judge the whole band based on the response of one member... The Omari brothers were cute... BUT WAIT, NO ENCORE? That is all. These guys have egos the size of toddlers. Damn their catchy and teenage dreamboat ways!

Footage of Smith Westerns performing "Weekend" taken from

Conclusion: Uhgs, it was fun... but c'mon guys, no encore? Que pasa?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nicole Atkins @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Nicole Atkins @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Saturday, February 26, 2011 Opening Group: Cotton Jones

Coming in from Maryland, indie folk band Cotton Jones took the stage to open for Nicole Atkins. Their music was fun for the first couple of songs, but then I sorta began to lose interest... although if I may add they had great vocals! I don't know what it was exactly that didn't float my boat... but I have a feeling it was the fact that I didn't jive with their [Cotten Jones] lyrics. Nothing for me to hold on to if that makes any sense. That and the last song they played was super repetitive...There's only so much "C'mon baby let the river row long" I can take. Don't believe me? Click here. (Start at 4:50/PS. girl in the front with the ponytail on the left is me!)

Arriving in a beautifully studded top and tights, Nicole Atkins stunned the crowd with not only her charming personality, but with her extraordinary voice. She was so cute. Probably the most personable artist I've seen live in a while. She was hilarious. She banged her teeth into the mic by accident along with whipped the cord in her face during a song... and it was just adorable. She made great connections with the crowd and just had a good time with it.

"I have a pic in my drink, if that's not rock and roll, I don't know what is!" - Nicole Atkins

It being the first time I've seen her live, my expectations were blown through the roof... Her voice was fabulous, simply unbelievable. She did a cover of Can's "Vitamin C" and it was amazing. Overall, I was really impressed with the whole thing... couldn't have asked more from a Saturday night.

Check out this video of Nicole Atkins performing "The Tower" at The Horseshoe Tavern taken from Beamed.

Conclusion: She's amazing and I hope she goes far!

5 of 50 with Nicole Atkins

#7- If you could take credit for writing any song, which would it be?

Nicole: Ave Maria!

#12- Name something you forgot to bring on tour with you?

Nicole: A pair of blue jeans! Oh and stalkings and tights! Oh, and my iPod! Sucks.

#13- If your house caught fire, what item would you run out with?

Nicole: My computer and albums.

#3- Favourite childhood movie or toy?

Nicole: Oh there are so many! The ones I can think of were The Last Unicorn , The Secret of NIMH.. and the toys were these things called Romper Stompers... They were two sand pails on strings that you walked on and clamped around...

#43- If you only had one last song to perform ever again, which would it be? One of your own and another's.

Nicole: One of my own would probably be "The Tower", and the other one would be "The Air that I breath" by The Hollies.

Last words from Nicole
Nicole: I love you guys and hope to see you at the show!