Thursday, November 4, 2010


Justin Finch (bass/ vocals), Cathy Lucas (vocals/ keys/ mandolin/ glock/ vocals/ musical saw), Leon Beckerman (I think), Simon Bolthazer (vocals/ keys/ mandolin/ clarinet), Amos Memom (drums)

-London based/ Simon is from Sweden
-Their song Reservoir appeared in Greys Anatomy Season 6.
-Their song Atlas appears on the Twilight Soundtrack.
-Their album Reservoir (2008) was produced by Peter Katis, who is also responsible for albums by Interpol, Frightened Rabbit, The National, and Swell Season.
-Toured with Snow Patrol and now are touring with Freelance Whales.

Songs to listen to: Atlas, Ghosts, Outsider, Drowning Men

They're cool. If you're a Swell Season fan, this is totally well suited for you! They're opening for Freelance Whales in December at the El Mocambo, should be good! Definitely something to check out!

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