Saturday, November 6, 2010

Little Dragon

Litte Dragon
[Left - Right: Hakan Wirenstrand(vocals/ keyboard), Yukimi Nagano (vocals /percussion), Fedrick Kallgren (vocals/bass), Erik Bodin (vocals/ drums)]

-Gothenburg, Sweden
-High school Friends and started playing together under the name Ava when they were 14-16.
-The band is named after Yukimi because of her nickname as the Little Dragon. She would get super flustered in the studio and that's how she got the nickname.
-Toured with Gorillaz
-Played with Chester French and works with the Producer of TV on the Radio.
-Really puts emphasis on art aspects associated with them, ie; album art, music videos. This band is great for showcasing talented artwork.

"An enticing blend of twee indie pop hooks and crisp electronic beats"

Free Downloadable MP3 of Twice, CLICK HERE!

Songs to listen to: Twice, Recommendation, After the Rain

Conclusion: After a month of listening to them, I get it. They're amazing. Start with their self titled album and get into their latest. You will not regret it. My friend Alex was the one who first mentioned them to me, and I definitely owe him one! If you're a Massive Attack, or Portishead fan, you will definitely like these guys! Check them out at Wrong Bar this coming January! I'll be there! :)

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  1. yes!I love them ! yukimi is awesome!
    and also I'm big fan of Massive Attack :)