Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Land

Oh Land
-Singer/Song Writer Nanna Fabricius
-From Denmark
-Opera singer mother, organist father
-Works with composer Davide Rossi (who also did Coldplay, The Verve, & Goldfrapp)
-She started as a ballerina and began her music career after an injury in 2005.

“My goal is to sound like I’m from 2050, but still feel really classic, like the music is an old friend,”
-Oh Land

Free Downloadable MP3 of Sun of a Gun, CLICK HERE!

Songs to listen to: Sun of a Gun, Wolf & I (Below), Audition Day

Conclusion: Her song wolf and I really got me hooked on this chick, forget this video i posted. Check this live version that I was unable to post (CLICK HERE), it's great stuff! She sorta reminds me of Duffy with electro back droppings. Ps. Bjork fans, this vid just might be something for you!

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