Tuesday, November 9, 2010


-Also known as Elisabeth Maurace
-From Rock Islands, Illinois
-Recorded her EP Why You Runnin with Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses)
-Toured with Ray Lomontagne and City & Colour!
-Recorded with Jaquire King after he recorded with Kings Of Leon, which resulted with her 12 Song Album Catching a Tiger.
- Katy Perry & Mumford & Sons are fans of Lissie.
-Does a cover of Bad Romance by Lady GAGA. Check it out, CLICK HERE!

Songs to Listen to: When I'm Alone (Below), Everywhere you Go, Wedding Bells.

Free Downloadable MP3 of Everywhere I go, CLICK HERE!

Conclusion: She has such a refreshing sound that I think completely reflects her appearance. She's the kinda girl who doesn't wear makeup and doesn't spend her time trying to be something she isn't, and with that in mind... Lissie doesn't need to spend time producing her music because when it comes down to it, it's beautiful just the way it is! If you like singing and feeling good about your music, you have to listen to this one! :)

PS. Torontonians, She has an upcoming concert at the Opera House in January, I'll be there! :D

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