Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gold Panda @ The Drake Hotel

Gold Panda @
The Drake Hotel
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Opening Group: Dam Mantle
Photos taken from Kaela Greenstein

___Opening for Gold Panda was this unknown DJ who filled-in for Dam Mantle. His music was similar in the sense that it was rather mystical, but it lacked the creativity I think Gold Panda has secured under his belt. During his set, people began filling the underground (space within the Drake Hotel) with drinks in hand and excited but cool and laid back expressions. The crowd was rather dynamic with the expected hipsters and odd shadow puppeteers (yes, I just said that). Good energy was definitely in the air, and everybody was looking for a good time.

___Before taking the stage, Derwin (Gold Panda) casually had his beer by the merch table. It was pretty cool watching him from afar amongst his unknowing fans. After losing sight of him, I realized he was already on stage. Jammin out with a hoodie and no panda hat, our ears begun swimming to the exotic beats of Gold Panda. His music is so dam cool... it's like a video game proclaiming last words of life... Super crazy and totally mind blowing. The only negative thing I can remark on was the pause between songs... I think there should have been more of a flow to the set... but seriously, it sounded good! The crowd especially enjoyed my favourites "You" and "Quitters Raga". It was a great show and I can see why there is so much hype surrounding Gold Panda's music. Check out my entry on Gold Panda for more info, click here.

Footage from the show.

5 of 50 with Gold Panda

What's your favourite record?
Derwin: Oh my god...Well it always changes because it depends on your mood...
LTT: OK, well then lets say within the first couple of months of 2011. What has been your go to album this year?
Derwin: I haven't really been listening to anything that's been released this year but the new Mogwai album is pretty good!
LTT: Favourite songs off that album?
Derwin: Rano Pano, it's the third track I believe... It's a great record but it's not my favourite... Best album would probably be "Bad" by Michael Jackson because the timing was right when I got into it.

What would be your dream 5 line up at a music festival?
Derwin: umm, Aphex Twin... umm do they all have to be alive?
LTT: You can have one dead.
Derwin: [laughter] Ok, The Beatles... because I don't see what all the fuss is about... um, there's this group called SND, who I can probably see very easily but yeah... I'd see myself because I don't know what that looks like [laughter]... OK and one more... David Bowie...

In the future, who's an artist you'd love to collaborate with?
Derwin: When I listen to music I never think I want to collaborate with somebody because it's always been something quite personal for me... and if I get someone to join, I would feel like I don't have complete control over everything, which is something I'm really particular about... so probably just friends...I have a friend who is making me do something for Charlie Alex March and this Japanese hip hip crew called Origami, I just did a remix for them.

What movie can you watch repeatedly?
Derwin: Akira the Japanese animated film... Robocop... Under Seige with Steven Seagal...Labyrinth

What do you like that you are most embarrassed of? Or at least should be embarrassed of?
Derwin: Wearing a panda hat...I really regret that... I don't know... Gold Panda is just a name and I wore that hat because I didn't know anybody was going to take it seriously... I didn't realize I would be doing these sold out shows...
LTT: Still bring the hat out?
Derwin: Oh no no, I'm 30 now. [laughter]

Last words to your fans:
Derwin: If you do music, don't name yourself with a colour and an animal... But do music!

Thanks Derwin for your time! :D LTT LOVES YOU!


  1. Great interview. And I can certainly understand that a wide range of emotions can be personal ... in ones music... At least he shares. ;-)

    Mr. Dog