Sunday, April 17, 2011

Born Ruffians @ The Opera House

Born Ruffians @ The Opera House
Saturday, April 16, 2o11|
Opening band:
Rich Aucoin
Photo taken by: Sarah V. Elston

First things first! Opening act Rich Aucoin was ridiculous. The line between the crowd and the performer was crossed so many times it was crazy. It was both hilarious and awkward at the same time. He had lights, confetti, viral youtube videos, and even a parachute for the crowd. Before performing songs, he would set up a slide show to teach everybody the hook and then awkwardly point microphones at people... I was glad I wasn't up front for the first time. I mean I can accept this sort of thing at camps and what not, but at the Opera House? Too much. It was more funny than fun in my opinion. The music was bad, but the experience was definitely rememberable.

Now it was time for the Canadian band the Born Ruffians to rock the stage to the successfully sold out Opera House. Opening with "Foxes Mate for Life", I was instantly mesmerized with the sweet sounds of the Born Ruffians. Front man Luke Lalonde's voice was pretty amazing. The combination of the vocals, keyboards and the catchy bass lines were pretty much the recipe to smiles and comfortable head bobbin back by the bar. I don't know what it was about their music, but it really made you want to belt out their lyrics... for example "What to Say" was probably my favourite song to sing along to that night. Although "Sole Brother" and "Balled of Moose Bruce" did have me attractively fist pumping... It was a bomb show. Needless to say, their album "Say It" is currently on repeat. Also, they're back in the studios recording their next album! So stay tuned for release date info. Otherwise, Great show guys!

Video footage of Born Ruffians at the Opera House taken from maca3050

Conclusion: One of the best times I've had in a while. If you are in full support of their last album, then hells yes you should go! Their music is bomb, whether it's the first time you hear it, or the millionth!

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