Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cults @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Cults @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Monday, April 4, 2011 Opening groups: Superhumanoids & The Magic Kids
Photos taken my Amanda Soriano (me!)

___Superhumanoids. Hate to say it, but I can't even remember what they sounded like. I admit I had a few drinks at this particular show, but honestly the music just didn't sink in. They were kinda boring. The girl had a nice voice, but I can't remember if she even moved the whole set. So yah... on to the next one.

___The Magic Kids - They were a lot of fun! They're a group of six from Memphis and they were the perfect example of happy go lucky music! According to other reviews I've read of this particular show, the band showcased too much ego... I personally don't think so. I think they were just trying to be cool for the crowd... their egos were just fine! The music was fun and I wasn't resenting the wait for Cults... I don't have any particular favourite songs, but I still suggest checking them out if you like happy music! I think it might be too happy for me... just saying. Click here for the Myspace.

___Now on to the main event! If you aren't familiar with this Californian duo, I'm telling you right now it's worth your time. It's not simply a boy girl combination, but rather a daydream about candy shops and gel pens that smell like flowers. It's very cloudy "ring around the rosie" kind of music... if that even makes sense. Madeline's voice on top of guitar riffs, xylophones and keyboards just makes sense. It especially translated well in the atmosphere of The Horseshoe Tavern. "Go Outside", "Most Wanted", and "Curse" were my favourites, but the other songs are on their way to making it to the top of my leisurely bicycling play list. They put on a spectacular show full of charm and music to smile to. Although they didn't have an encore, they made sure to say it wasn't gonna happen. Not like some other bands... *cough* SMITH WESTERNS *cough*... excuse me as I skip away to my Cults play list!

Footage of Cults performing "Go Outside" at the Horseshoe Tavern taken from

5 of 50 with Madeline & Brian

If you could share a stage for a performance with any other band or artist, who would it be?
Brian: Dead or alive?
LTT: Lets keep it alive.
Brian: Ok... Umm I don't know, I think the Shangri-Las if they could get back together that would be pretty cool.. I know that some of those guys are making music on their own... but if they did a reunion tour that would be pretty awesome!
Madeline: I choose Sonic Youth

What's a song that reminds you of your first girlfriend or boyfriend?
Brian: Maybe Fade to Black by Metallica

Madeline: I don't have one.

Which band do you own the most band merch from?
Brian: I don't know... We've moved a lot, so we don't own very many records or t-shirts...I have a lot of releases from this label company called Meryl Group that are cool...
Madeline: I'm gonna say Sonic Youth again. [laughter]
Brian: It's true
LTT: Well then Brian, what's your favourite band?
Brian: How about "The Band"

What's the best way to spend $10?
Brian: On cigarettes!
Madeline: Discount shoes!

What's one thing you forgot to bring on tour?

Brian: I didn't bring a toothbrush.
Madeline: A razor. [laughter]
Brian: Yah and guitar cables
Madeline: My bed!

Last words from Cults: We love Canada!

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