Friday, October 22, 2010

Gold Panda

Gold Panda
- (For Music Vids)
-!/goldpanda (Private Twitter Account)

"Gold Panda (born Derwin Panda) is a producer from the United Kingdom."

-Worked on great remixes with Little Boots, Bloc Party, and Health. (Click Artist Names to hear em!)
-Worked at a sex shop
-Upcoming Tours surround Japan, Germany, Holland, and the UK

I swear to God, if you are into Dubstep/major dance party up in here ima sweat my life out in this club dance music then HOLY HELL... This is for you!!!

Free Downloadable MP3 of YOU, CLICK HERE!

Songs to listen to: Every Song I posted Below!

Listen to his Full Length Album "Lucky Shiner" CLICK HERE!

To Sign up for his Mailing List for Full Updates CLICK HERE!

Download Lucky Shiner Torrent CLICK HERE!

Conclusion: Sorry Steve Aoki, I think we need a break...

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