Thursday, March 31, 2011

Noah & The Whale @ The Mod Club

Noah & The Whale @ The Mod Club
Thursday, March 24, 2011
Opening group: The Bahamas
Photos taken from Stephen McGil & Nina Adler

After seeing The Bahamas play the Lissie show the first time, I was happy to hear they were scheduled to support Noah & The Whale. As mentioned in the previous concert review post, I was thoroughly impressed with their set the first time around... and things haven't changed since then! They were just as entertaining and charming as they were the first time. Except this time around I fellin love with Afie Jurvanen (lead vocals and guitar). Cool fact: Afie used to play with acts like Fiest, The Stills, Great Lake Swimmers, Amy Millan (of Stars) and Jason Collett. Now he seems to be on tour with his band The Bahamas in various parts of the States... Very cool! Excited for the day this band headlines. Check out their Myspace, click here!

After successfully putting everyone in a good mood, The Bahamas finished their set. Super girl fans began lining up the front of the stage with shiny eyes and done up hair... it was evident to me that it was going to be one of those shows... Either way, the band showed up and the venue filled with shrills... some of my own were of course in attendance! Beginning their set with "Blue Skies", the combination of the everything, especially the fiddle, was nothing less of dreamy. Lead vocalist Charlie is such a cutie pie with his blue eyes and curly hair, I had a hard time not jumping the stage to hug him! Although for the record, he isn't my type. My favourite song was definitely the performance of "The First day of Spring", it was just incredibly epic. Definitely making the list of best songs to hear live at the end of the year. All and all, Tom and his fiddle took the show home for me... it was just so pretty to hear him play amongst all the layers of music. I liked it, good show. Not to sure if I'd see them again, but I'm glad I made it out that night.

Video Footage of Noah & The Whale at The Mod Club performing First Day of Spring taken from Misserina72