Thursday, March 17, 2011

Capsula talks to LTT VIA SKYPE!

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[Left to Right: Coni Duchess (Bass & Vocals), Martin Guevara (Vocals & Guitar), & Ignacio Villarejo (Drums)]

-Indie rock/garage band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Playing SXSW 2011
-In an interview, the band described their concert performances as "A furious volcano exploding from Mars"
-Have been compared to bands like The Stooges and The Pixies on numerous occasions
-Have played sessions with KEXP.
"Still in the way & Magnetic Brain" on KEXP
"All to be with you" on KEXP

Conclusion: Their music is a lot more heavier than what I've been listening to lately, but it works. It's very edgy and kinda loose at the same time. It almost makes me want to change my image and rock the straight bands and leather jacket. I've also read nothing but amazing raves concerning their live performances, need to check that out one day. They've already toured internationally, but have released new tour dates for round two... which means my day will come and I'll be able to form my own opinion! Check them out if you're into the video above.

5 of 50 w/ Martin & Connie (VIA Skype)

#6- What movie can you watch repeatedly?

Coni: A Hard Day's Night
Martin: Taxi Driver

#3- Favourite childhood movie/toy?

Coni: Stand by Me and A little tape recorder
Martin: A truck from Argentina called Duravit, they were really hard so they would never break

#27- What would have to happen for your band to say that they've made it big time?

Coni & Martin: Have dinner with David Bowie

#9- Strangest rumor you've heard about yourself?

Coni & Martin: Always all about drugs. There are a lot of mystifications about rock.

#48- Worst/Most regretted purchase?

Coni: A very bad bass distortion pedal! it was no good for the bass, but it was ok to put the vocals through
Martin: A vinyl record from Jeff Beck, that one was not yardbirds at all, it was all about the 80s !!!

Thank you Capsula and Rocio of Digital Girl for making this happen!


  1. I'm so happy you have some harder rock on here! So many bloggers just talk about a specific genre so I like that yours has diversity!