Friday, March 25, 2011

Polock talks to LTT VIA SKYPE!

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[Sebas (bass), Papu (Vocals/Guitar), Pablo (Guitar), Alberto (Keyboards), Marc (Drums)]

-An Indie band from Valencia, Spain
-Signed to Mushroom Pillow
-Played SXSW
-Have a feature in Nylon Magazine. (Read more about it, click here.)
-Describes their band as being The Strokes had they written under the Spanish sun and a giant disco ball.

Songs to listen to:
Fireworks (posted below), High on Life

Conclusion: If you're a Phoenix fan, then you will definitely like these Spanish hipsters. It's the perfect summer play list for morning bike rides and sundaes. I like it, it's fun. Their debut album "Getting Down from the Trees" hits the market March 28, 2011! So check it out! They're currently touring the states, so look out for these Latinos because they're living the dream.

5 of 50 With Alberto of Polock

#7- If you could take credit for writing any song, which would it be?

Alberto: God only knows, by Brian Wilson. Ive heard this song about one million times but there is always something else to discover in it.

#23- If you only had one more song to perform live, which would it be?
Alberto: I suppose Fireworks would be the choice if we hadn't played it before in the show. It really gets people moving.

#24- What would be the most recommended place to visit from your home town?
Alberto: It's a real privilege to see the sunset from La Albufera very near my town. It's some kind of sweet sea, where they planted rice in the old times. It's really beautiful.

#27- What would have to happen to your band to say they have made it big time?
Alberto: Knowing we are going to tour the US! This was incredible news for us, and a sign that things are working.

#49- What's your favourite publication/magazine?
Alberto: I'd say NME

Thank you Alberto
and Rocio of Digital Girl for making this happen!