Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smith Westerns @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Smith Westerns @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Monday, February 28, 2011
Opening Band: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Opening was Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a three piece set from Portland. As described by their drummer Julian, they are a psych rock band. They opened the show around 10PM to a packed room... It was OK, nothing I think I will remember next week... I thought their stage presence lacked luster and their songs were just meh...but yeah, koodos for them for catching this gig!

The Smith Westerns... Where do I begin? They arrived at the venue around 7:30 after doing a promotional gig at MTV Canada... and when I caught Max walking through the Horseshoe, I asked him whether they had 5 minutes for a couple questions... he responded with the fact that the band was all interviewed out... wow, that didn't take long did it S.W.? They've been in the eyes of the media for like a year and they're how old? C'mon now, nobodies all tired out here! Not to mention they didn't come out for an encore... if you're not going to come out for an encore, make sure your like The Strokes or I don't know... a band with more than a couple good songs? Either way, I think the crowd had a good time with them. Hate to say it but I really liked "Be my Girl" and "Weekend". I can't judge the whole band based on the response of one member... The Omari brothers were cute... BUT WAIT, NO ENCORE? That is all. These guys have egos the size of toddlers. Damn their catchy and teenage dreamboat ways!

Footage of Smith Westerns performing "Weekend" taken from

Conclusion: Uhgs, it was fun... but c'mon guys, no encore? Que pasa?


  1. Haha no encore gigs HURT. But they just about get away with it.