Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aunt Martha @ Naco Gallery

Aunt Martha @ Naco Gallery
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Originally from New Hampshire, Aunt Martha joined the streets of Toronto after successfully convincing the boarder of Canada that yes they are musicians, and that yes they weren't getting paid to play shows... the pains of starting at the bottom, huh guys? They were really cool though.

If you aren't familiar with the band, here's what you need to know. Aunt Martha is Tim Noyes(guitar/vocals), Garrett Leahy(drummer), and Brian Kim(violinist/bass), a folk trio who have independently released both a full length album and an EP, which PS. are both available on iTunes. They're playing SXSW this year and are currently touring the US playing a show every other night. They have an article in Cosmo Girl and have recently recorded a Daytrotter session that has yet to be posted. They aren't signed, but give it a couple more months and it should be a done deal.

Aunt Martha played their second show in Toronto at a location called The Naco Gallery, possibly the smallest place I've ever seen a show. You could literally touch the back wall in 8 steps... it was an intimate show to say the least. Set up on the ledge of the window, Aunt Martha assembled to play. A guitarist, a violinist, and a Drummer... this was totally my scene. Playing songs from both their CDs including solo covers by each of the members, Aunt Martha really showcased their love for the music. They sounded really good too, I especially liked how organic the sound was... because the venue was so small, there was so need to real technicals. Light taps of the foot were appreciated on a whole new level... They were good! What I particularly liked was Brian's cover of Ashamed by Deer Tick... very nice. They put on a good show and were really interactive with the crowd... love them!

Songs to listen to: Bloodshot and The Neighbour Song

Bloodshot (Official Music Video) from Aunt Martha on Vimeo.

5 of 50 with Aunt Martha

#23: If you only had one more song to play as a band, which would it be?
Tim: You know what, I feel like I could answer this for the band...I mean I feel like that would be our song Bloodshot...I mean I feel like if we were going to die...like if we were up against the guns... that would be our song.

#15: If you could walk in the shoes of another person, who would it be?
Tim: Music wise I would probably have to pick Yim Yames (Jim James) the lead singer of My Morning Jacket... I have the out most respect for that fellow... he's a great singer, great writer, and uhh... Yeah, I just want to know what makes him tick! You know know? I would like to get a cup of coffee and go about my day!
Garrett: George Washington, he did a lot of nice stuff...the first president of the trip...i mean i wouldn't want to a slave owner don't get me wrong there...but uhh.. wooden teeth, interesting life?
Byran: I mean I think it would be cool to see what it's like to be Siddhartha Gautama...(Tim: Noooo you're killing us! [laughter])If I could be in his body...just to see what that's like... I'm sure it's pretty cool...

#1: What song has been on repeat on your tour bus?
Tim: That's a great questions... you know what, I'm going to answer that. The song that we've been playing for a good year now... no 6 months... is "When my time comes" by Dawes! We play that to get pumped! If we want to take our hands off the wheel and just put them up... it's a great song!

#33: Greatest musical find on tour?

Tim: We saw a band in Vermont called The Last Big Tooth, they're from Providence, they're really an impressive band...like you know get mashed up with bands that are like so-so ... like us [laughter].. no no... but this band was really impressive...
Bryan: Yeah, I was really engaged, they have a violin player so I can really related... a really cool style and a great picker... and the lead singer had a pretty cool vibe to him

#34: Where's your dream place to play a show?

Tim: I want to play Bowery Ballroom, that's my goal! Or Byran's basement, which is also my basement.
Bryan: I wanna play Bonnaroo if we could make that happen
Garrett: I wanna play on an island!

Last words to the fans: We're goin down in flames!

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Thank you Aunt Martha for a great night out! :)


  1. awesome post! i love your 1-50 idea! its so innovative!