Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nicole Atkins @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Nicole Atkins @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Saturday, February 26, 2011 Opening Group: Cotton Jones

Coming in from Maryland, indie folk band Cotton Jones took the stage to open for Nicole Atkins. Their music was fun for the first couple of songs, but then I sorta began to lose interest... although if I may add they had great vocals! I don't know what it was exactly that didn't float my boat... but I have a feeling it was the fact that I didn't jive with their [Cotten Jones] lyrics. Nothing for me to hold on to if that makes any sense. That and the last song they played was super repetitive...There's only so much "C'mon baby let the river row long" I can take. Don't believe me? Click here. (Start at 4:50/PS. girl in the front with the ponytail on the left is me!)

Arriving in a beautifully studded top and tights, Nicole Atkins stunned the crowd with not only her charming personality, but with her extraordinary voice. She was so cute. Probably the most personable artist I've seen live in a while. She was hilarious. She banged her teeth into the mic by accident along with whipped the cord in her face during a song... and it was just adorable. She made great connections with the crowd and just had a good time with it.

"I have a pic in my drink, if that's not rock and roll, I don't know what is!" - Nicole Atkins

It being the first time I've seen her live, my expectations were blown through the roof... Her voice was fabulous, simply unbelievable. She did a cover of Can's "Vitamin C" and it was amazing. Overall, I was really impressed with the whole thing... couldn't have asked more from a Saturday night.

Check out this video of Nicole Atkins performing "The Tower" at The Horseshoe Tavern taken from Beamed.

Conclusion: She's amazing and I hope she goes far!

5 of 50 with Nicole Atkins

#7- If you could take credit for writing any song, which would it be?

Nicole: Ave Maria!

#12- Name something you forgot to bring on tour with you?

Nicole: A pair of blue jeans! Oh and stalkings and tights! Oh, and my iPod! Sucks.

#13- If your house caught fire, what item would you run out with?

Nicole: My computer and pictures...photo albums.

#3- Favourite childhood movie or toy?

Nicole: Oh there are so many! The ones I can think of were The Last Unicorn , The Secret of NIMH.. and the toys were these things called Romper Stompers... They were two sand pails on strings that you walked on and clamped around...

#43- If you only had one last song to perform ever again, which would it be? One of your own and another's.

Nicole: One of my own would probably be "The Tower", and the other one would be "The Air that I breath" by The Hollies.

Last words from Nicole
Nicole: I love you guys and hope to see you at the show!


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