Monday, February 28, 2011

The Head and The Heart @ The Horseshoe Tavern

The Head and The Heart @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Thursday, February 24, 2011
Opening groups: The Treasures, The Wilderness of Manitoba

___Beginning with Toronto's band The Treasures, the night was off to a good start. Totally what I needed to hear to ease my excitement for The Head and The Heart. I think I actually liked them a lot more than The Wilderness of Manitoba... reason being that they were a lot more of a good time, whereas The Wilderness of Manitoba was kinda a "I'm really tired and I think it's time to sleep" time. I mean I really liked Melissa's (lead female vocals) voice, but the music was just too boring for me... All and all, the talent was there for both bands, but when I got home I only Myspaced one of them.

The Treasure Myspace, click here
The Wilderness of Manitoba's Myspace, click here.

___Seattle's The Head and The Heart hit the stage around 11PM after visible standing amongst the crowd. Playing with no visible set list, I must say it was too good to be true. My favourites included "Lost in my Mind", "Down in the Valley" and "Ghosts". It was mind blowing to me how good these guys were. They were totally in sync with each other... they were dancing, sharing mics, and really just enjoying themselves. Speaking with Kenny (pianist) after the show, he told me that it felt magical to be playing there, especially because it was the last of an eight consecutive show run. It was the kind of good that messes with your facial/breathing control... I found myself in a situation where I had to breath in deeply to really enjoy what exactly was happening. I had no words after the show. After their "last song" Jonathon (guitarist/vocals) came back onto the stage to play a solo piece that literally made you weak in the knees. They played as a whole, which was the most beautiful part of everything. Some chick even approached the band afterward asking them to play at her wedding, incredible. WHAT A SHOW!

The Head and The Heart - Lost in my Mind

Download Lost in my Mind by The Head and The Heart, click here.

For more photos from the night, click here! :)

5 of 50 with The Head and The Heart.

#13- If your house caught fire, what item would you run out with?

Jonathon: It's going to sound so obvious, but I'd go with my guitar.
Tyler: Well, if my girlfriend was in the house, I'd get my girlfriend out.
Charity: Well whenever I thought about this as a kid, I'd always say my blanky, my pink little baby blanky (laughter).
Josiah: I have a couple of books that I've written in with my thoughts and books that were given to me by important people.

#7- If you could take credit for writing any song of any genre, what would it be?

Jonathon: I'd go Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven.
Tyler: Times are Changing - Bob Dylan
Charity: Emmylou Harris - Michelangelo
Josiah: That our house is a very very very fine house... perfect, perfect pop song! Our House by Crosby Stills, Nash

#30- What do you like that you are most embarrassed of?

Jonathon: Mines easy, Tim McGraw!
Tyler: I'm embarrassed of a lot of stuff that I used to listen to in the past... high school sediments.
Charity: My guilty please is that I really like the Olsen Twins.
Josiah: I have no shame, anything I like I don't apologize for liking... but uhh I guess the thing that I like that I'm not supposed to like is ... I love Gossip Girl.

#48- Most regretted purchase?

Jonathon: I don't know?
I begged and begged my parents to buy me an Orange Country Drum set... and finally relented when I was 15 and it took 6 months for it to arrive... it was horrendously expensive... and when it actually came it kinda sucked... so that was my most regretted purchase slash begging...Tyler Williams.
Charity: My most recent regrettable purchase was buying a pedal tuner because I bought one and it's like a $100 and the next day we generously received a pedal tuner that was better than the one i bought... and it was too late to return the other one. So I have this extra pedal tuner I will probably never big deal.
I was in college and I grew up in southern California and so I would always see my friends surfing and I kind of wanted to take it up...and I convinced my parents after like a year... same thing (looks at Tyler), same thing it was like you really want something and you go after it for so long and then by the time you get it a year later... and so I got it for Christmas and two months later I got into a car accident and dislocated my hip and I wasn't able to go surfing for another year as my hip was healing... and at that point I was no longer interested in surfing at all... so it sat like this giant monstrosity in my parent house for years and years and years... never used it.
Tyler: A surf board is actually my second most regretted purchase.
Jonathon: I honestly can't think of anything!

#29- What's the easiest way to past time?

Collective answers from the band: The internet, Smart phones, Facebook, the typical ones?
Charity: Sitting in the van...

Last words to your fans:
Charity: We really like Canada!
Josiah: Yeah Canada's great and we look forward to playing the Horseshoe, kind of a legendary place!

Check out their Myspace, click here!