Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Head and the Heart

The Head And The Heart
[Left to Right: Chris Zasche (Bassist), Josiah Johnson (Vocalist, Guitarist), Charity Theilen (Violinist), Kenny Hensley (Pianist), Tyler Williams (Drummer), Jonathon Russell (Vocalist, Guitarist)]

-formed in Seattle, Washington.
-opened for Vampire Weekend, and Dr. Dog
-Fans of Fleet Foxes
-Signed to Sub Pop
-They try to have the members of the band that write specific lines and verses, sing their part to keep it true to the artist.
-"The Head and the Heart is an album that begs to be heard as whole; the songs belong to each other. It's a diverse album - each track feels markedly different from the last - but it moves effortlessly... There's an artfulness to this album... As a debut LP, The Head and the Heart... should be celebrated." - Paige Richmond, Seattle Weekly
-Recieve free MP3s by signing up for their newsletter @ http://www.myspace.com/theheadandtheheart

Songs to listen to: Rivers and Roads(Below) ,Down in the Valley, Ghosts

(fast forward to 4:40, it's too good!)

Conclusion: WOW, couldn't have found them at a better time! Best part of it is they're playing a show in Toronto in a couple of days (February 24 at the Horseshoe Tavern). Anyhow, The Head and The Heart are a great band that will perfectly fit in amongst my Dawes and Fleet Foxes obsessive playlist. Their music is uplifting and makes the heart feel good. Clapping and rejoicing the lyrics are a must when listening, especially when everyone in the house is asleep. It's happy folk music that will leave an impression on what the Seattle folk scene has in it's back pocket. Happy listening!


  1. I think its very intriguing that the band is adamant on letting the writers of particular lyrics sing their own bits. Im not sure if there are alot of other bands that do this as well, but as I myself am lyrically fixated on everything I listen to, its good to know sometimes who wrote what. Especially for something profound and meaningful.