Friday, February 25, 2011

Biffy Clyro @ The Garrison

Biffy Clyro @ The Garrison
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Opening group: Moving Mountains

___If you've never been to the Garrison for a show, then you should probably know that it's really small and great for intimate experiences. Knowing this, it's hard to believe a band that has been known to fill stadiums with thousands of people decided to go with this spot. No complaints on my end, that's for sure! It was cool.

___The opening band definitely fit the profile for whom I had expected to open for Biffy. Honestly, I don't know how to critique them because it just wasn't my kind of music. I think it was too hard for me... I mean, if I had seen them in my punk days (cough, high school) then I would have been all about it... but at the show, I just found myself feeling really out of place and just not feeling it. The guitarist had some crazy dance moves though! Might have to tone it down in a few years, but work it while you can! But as per the Moving Mountains, I can't say if it was good or bad... but I can say that I would have probably not regretted showing up 5 minutes before Biffy. Check out their Myspace, click here.

___After Moving Mountains finished their set, the excitement amongst the hardcore Biffy fans started to grow. Simon, James and Ben showed up on stage facing the uproar of excitement that acquainted them. Shirtless and tattooed... whoohoo! They opened with The Captain, possible the best intro to any song I've heard in a while. Another song I really enjoyed from them was Bubbles... definitely had a good time with that one. The fans were crazy, I especially enjoyed crazy drunk girl with hardcore boyfriend. Can't leave home without them! The only complaint I had with the night, was the fact that the vocals were buried by the instrumentals. Not their fault, but thanks a lot venue! All and all, my $5 beer and I had a good time!

Conclusion: This will probably be my last punk scene appearance for 2011, I'm too into folk to play chameleon for now. I mean they were cool people, but It just wasn't my scene.

Biffy Clyro playing Bubbles / Footage taken from Cestima's Youtube Account

Also, I checked out their free show at Much Music and that was a lot of fun! Here are pictures from that show.