Thursday, February 10, 2011

Radio Dept. @ Lee's Palace

Radio Dept. @ Lee's Palace
Monday, February 7, 2011
Opening Group: Young Prisms
(Photo Taken by Frank Yang @ Chromewaves)

___This was my first time going to Lee's Palace and wow, super cool! If you are not familiar with the venue, know that big acts like Nirvana, The Verve and Smashing Pumpkins had played there and surely annihilated crowd expectations with glory. Basically, I was excited!

___I went early with high hopes of catching them before entering the venue, but I was out of luck! They were (like expected first timers in Toronto) exploring the lands of my home. I spoke with their fellow tour-ies in the van, and they told me they were out and about... so I called it quites and grabbed a Poutine (drool). I took it to go and as I was walking down the street, I saw three guys of similar heights to Radio Dept.

-Height, check!

I started heavily eaves-dropping...

-Different language, check!

Take a look at their clothing and well-being... Urban foreign chic... CHECK!

___So, without going into immense detail of irrelevant conversation, I got a chance to interview them! See the bottom of the entry for 5 Questions with LTT. They were so nice! Humble at best! But anyways!

___Opening for Radio Dept. was San Francisco's Young Prisms. They were just OK. I got to see them play a free show at the nearby music store called Sonic Boom. I think they have a long way to go before becoming anything of considerably value for my tastes. Truthfully, I think the girl (lead vocals) could of had more stage presence... I felt like she needed a nap. The band was cool, but again home girl needed a teaspoon of life.
___ ___
___Up next was Radio Dept. The stage began filling with blue lights, and Toronto's finest hipsters were ready to indulge in Sweden's definition of ambiance and melodramatic vocals. Johan, Martin, and Daniel got on stage and started the night with "Freddy and the Trojan Horse" which signaled for a good night! Slightly intoxicated, I felt completely at ease with every single note at the show. Radio Dept.'s set was definitely a soundtrack for a night with a boy of interest. Johan (lead singer) had the charm of Chris Martin (of Coldplay) with the chill factor that comes along with being Swedish and quiet frankly foreign. If I could escape to Sweden and watch them live on their turf, I know the experience would be just as magical, if not more. Favourite songs included "Heaven's on Fire" and "Never Follow Suit". They killed it. In fact not only did they kill it, they took it home with them and put it on their coffee table! Fabulous show, and I really hope they come back soon because withdrawals will be painful.

Footage taken from MediaPartyVideo on YouTube

Conclusion: Toronto: If you weren't there, what the heck were you up to!

5 of 50 with Radio Dept.

(I wrote out 50 Questions and had the band pick 5 numbers, here are their answers!)

#13- If your house caught fire, what item would you run out with?

Johan: I think I'd try to carry my big computer outside because that's where the whole Radio Dept. catalog is... A lot of songs we've started recording which are not yet finished or released.

#4- Your favourite way to spend money on intangibles. IE. Going to the Circus.

Johan: I really used to like going to concerts, but now since we've been touring a lot I don't do that too much..That's usually one of those things I like to spend money on.. I recently saw Teenage Fanclub in Stolkholm.. great great show
LTT: What have been you favourite shows in the last couple of years?
Johan: Ariel Pink was really good..[Martin: Ah, I missed that one]... Nana April Jun (A past support group)
LTT: Are you into Music Festivals?
Johan: Really I prefer club gigs to festivals because festivals are sometimes dirty

#50- Favourite 1 Hit Wonder/Favorite 1 song that sticks out from 1 artist?

Martin's Choice - Midi, Maxi & Efti - Bad Bad Boys

Daniel's Choice - Words don't come easy - F R David

Johan's Choice - Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to you

#31- Most hated topic of conversation.

Daniel: Right now?
Johan: Maybe just talking about The Radio Dept. We've done quite a lot of interviews and we're starting to run out of things to say.

#33- Your greatest underrated find on tour?

Johan: Kim Ki O a turkish duo... they play kinda dark post punk .. it's two girls .. they're really good
LTT: What song would you recommend of theirs?
Johan: Kapali, Kapali, Kapali

Last words from the band: Don't trust anybody over the age of 30!


  1. I'm glad you had a blast! I'm still upset that they played in Chicago a few nights ago, and it was 21+. Keep up the great blog!

  2. This show was f*ck*ng great! I was actually at Lee's that night!!! Spectacular set! I hope they come back soon.