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-Alternatively known as Sóley Stefánsdóttir
-From Reykjavík , Iceland
-Previous member of the Icelandic group Seabear
-Trained composer and passionate pianist
-Favourite writers: Davíð Stefánsson (Poet), Steinn Steinarr (Poet), Edgar Allan Poe, Leonard Cohen and Joanna Newsom
-Fan of Keith Jarrett and his trio, Bill Evans, Chad Vangaalen, Tune-Yards,  Joanna Newsome, Beach House and Blonde Redhead
-Played SXSW and CMW
-Toured with Of Monsters and Men
-Three words she uses to describe her album 'We Sink' are Dreams, Autumn and Surreal.
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Sóley's a really pretty name: what does it mean?
A. In Iceland we have a beautiful wild yellow flower that grows all around Iceland. The name is Sóley. I think that´s where it comes from. They grow many together so when you travel around the country you can these big “islands” of Sóley. Sól means the sun and ey means island.
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Rumpus:  What can you tell me about “Smashed Birds?”
A. It’s a song that I wrote first on the piano but I’m glad I changed it in the recording process to guitar. It’s a song about a girl’s last day on earth… kind of. I’m really bad talking about my songs because they are often more about feelings and something you can’t describe. When I play my songs I always see the same “short movie” inside my head and I hope people see their own “short movie”. I’m not telling people what to see or think while listening to these songs, it’s more they can experience it on their own.

Songs to listen to: The Sun Is Going Down II (below) and Kill That Clown

Conclusion: Soley's music sounds exactly how she describes it: dreamy, autumn and surreal. It makes you feel like you're asleep and dreaming of music playing in some sort of historic church hall. Her songs are very eerie and exiting at the same time. Her piano work in combination with her shy voice is perfect. When I saw her play with Of Monsters and Men I was entirely captivated by her stage presence. She made me feel relaxed and alone in a crowd. It's kind of uncommon for me to feel so taken aback by an artist I've never heard before and as soon as her performance ended, I grabbed her album. It was worth every penny! Take a listen and enjoy!

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