Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Angel Haze

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-Real name Raee'n Wahya
-Detroit rapper and lyricist signed to Universal Republic and Island
-Born July 1991
-Didn't start listening to music till she was 16 because her family is religious and her mom didn't let her.
-Inspired by a neurosurgeon in America by the name of Daniel Amen. She was actually in school to be a neurosurgeon before she ran with her rap carear. Cool nay?
-She's a fan of Jason Mraz, Train, Eminem, and New Radicals. Random, haha. Love it.
-Friends with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
-Has a collab with Azealia Banks coming out soon.

Songs to listen to: Werkin' Girls, Gossip Folks, & New York

Conclusion: Angel Haze is too legit. Her rhymes are so good! If you like Nicki Minaj, listen to her ASAP. If you don't Nicki, listen to her ASAP. She's just so good. She's just so raw and in your face. Definitely worth your time. I've been really into rap and Angel Haze has it going on. Enjoy!

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