Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chromeo @ The Opera House

Chromeo @ The Opera House
Sunday, January 23, 2011
Opening Groups: Young Empires and MNDR

___Well, it was -30 something in the cold city of Toronto, and Chromeo was getting ready to play their 2nd show in the igloo I call home. I showed up 15 minutes before doors opened and somehow managed front row... wish it was like that all the time!

___First up we had Young Empires, a Toronto band that's supposedly getting a lot of good attention. Personally, I didn't feel it. You know, some bands have "it" and some just don't. Sorry guys, maybe next time.

___After the Young Empires, MNDR hit the stage, looking rather odd in my opinion. She reminded me of a tacky Lykke Li meets Lady Gaga. Her music was also nothing to get excited about, although there were fans eating it all up... all the power to her if she can pull off what she's doing and have fans... as for me, no thank you.

___At this point, I was just really eager to get my groove on and hear some good funky electro beats. The crowd started chanting the Chromeo Intro song, and I felt at ease with my excitement, this was really happening! Chromeo made the scene and set their positions on stage. As I was standing in front of the famous leg sets, excitement couldn't even begin to capture my thoughts of this event. It was just so much fun! Dave 1's charming smile and P-Thugg's ability to whip the audience up with his talk box. My favorite songs included Momma's Boy, Bonafied Lovin (of course), and Night by Night. Electro funk brilliance at it's best.

Video Footage taken from TheOurVids on YouTube.

Conclusion: I had a good time, and want to learn to talk box.