Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow
AKA. George Lewis Jr.
-Born in the Dominican Republic/Raised in Florida/Expanded his Musical Horizons in Brooklyn
-The Album Forget (2010) was written by him inspired by events and people in his life.
Forget was produced by Chris Taylor (Bass player/Producer of Grizzly Bear) Side Note: Chris Taylor is also a partner of Terrible Records/ The record label Twin Shadow is signed to.
-Has a twin sister that has been an influential part of his inspiration.
-Loves Bob Dylan
-Toured with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart + Jamie Liddell
--Clothing choices are inspired by American Movies + Cars + Motorcycles
-Huge fan of incorporating interesting sounds from daily life into his music.

Songs to listen to: Tyrant Destroyed, Slow (Below), At my Heels

Free Downloadable MP3 of Twin Shadow's Slow, Click Here.

Conclusion: I like his stuff, it's very Duran Duran meets Grizzly Bear and Kele (Bloc Party Lead Singer). I like how he uses sounds from things like toys to sounds like the motion of a boot stepping into fresh snow... Everything is music to him. I also think it's cool to hear something with influences from three different parts of the world (Florida+Brooklyn+Copenhagen). It's great that he got Chris Taylor to produce his album because I think it really adds to the mellow-ness and chilled out feeling of the Album. George (Twin Shadow) decided he wanted Chris Taylor to produce his album after seeing his love for using different sounds at a Grizzly Bear Concert in Copenhagen. Weeks later Chris emailed George interested to work together... Awesome! The Album Forget didn't take long to sink in for me which is a good sign! I'm really excited for the show tomorrow and hopefully I have something fun to report back to everyone.

For tickets to Twin Shadow's Show tomorrow at the Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto) Click here! They're 12.50 and you won't regret a penny of it! :D


  1. Great review,it's nice to see people plugging this guy's music. I picked up the album not long after it came out and spent a lot of early mornings watching the sunrise and listening to this album

  2. I completely forgot to mention my favorite track from this one, "I can't wait." Being an oldster *laughs* I remember the 80's and everything from the synths to the way the beats are structured remind me of one of those really great, catchy 80's tracks, the type you might here in an 80's movie that's capturing some important moment, it's really an amazing track.

  3. yeah i agree, "i can't wait" has became the soundtrack of my dreams lately, and i also like "castles in the snow", i think the album is very nostalgic and very current at the same time, just awesome :)