Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Dragon @ Wrongbar

Little Dragon @ Wrongbar
Monday, January 17, 2011
Opening Groups: BonJay (1st openers) & Billy Goat (2nd Group)

Alright, so Little Dragon arrived with Billy Goat around 4P.M. at The Wrongbar. The sold out show opened at 8 P.M. with limited numbers of tickets at the door. It went from cold to hot in a short period of time as the venue began to fill up.

The night's festivities began with BonJay, a boy-girl duo. It was like African, Soul vocals on top of heavy beats with crazy Lady Gaga-on-downers dancing. With this in mind, it was surprising to hear her cover "This is How my Heart Behaves" by Fiest. Keeping it Canadian, they ended with a song by Caribou. She had an amazing voice, but I thought their music was just OK; Nothing that's going on my iPod anytime soon.

Up next was a group from Portland by the name of Billy Goat. Before performing, they set up a screen with a projector behind it. Unsure of what was to come, they began playing what seemed to be the soundtrack to animations the group created. It was unreal, eccentric and weird all at the same time. From stars outlining bodies in the sky, to glowing mushrooms coming through the walls. It was what I'd imagine in a messed up Alice in Wonderland magazine cut-and-paste world. The music itself was very theatrical; It was a great combination. With different art work and music like that, I can see exactly why Little Dragon decided to tour with them. Check out their music on their Myspace, website and/or Facebook Page. :D

Now finally, Little Dragon. Billy Goat packed up their projector and remaining equipment and made room for the talented Swedish band. This was their first time back in Toronto since their performance with The Gorillaz. Yukimi said, "It's good to be back! Feels just like home... Almost." Starting the show with "A New", I could already tell that this show was going to be amazing. Yukimi was absolutely brilliant as she danced around making real stage presence. She played instruments like the tambourine, hanging electronic cymbals, and this wooden hollow mallet which she hit with a drum stick. She was incredible. At one point, she went behind the drum set with Eric and shared an amazing drum solo. I felt like I was in the middle of a tropical electronic jungle ready to start cave dancing at any moment... especially near the end during their extended version of "Swimming" (2nd last song). Two words, DANCE PARTY. Amazing.


Finishing her show with the beloved single "Twice", the crowd experienced what I call to be a tidal wave of incredible music. Thank you Little Dragon, I knew you were going to be good, but WOW.

Here is some video footage from the show taken by me.

Conclusion: If you haven't indulged in Little Dragon yet, make it your mission to listen to and understand Machine Dreams (their last album.)... Because it's something not to miss. If you're already a fan, then GO SEE THEM LIVE. It's way up there with my best concert experiences.

I forgot to mention, check out the interview I had with Yukimi before the show. :D

5 Questions with Yukimi of Little Dragon.

LTT Asks: What has Little Dragon been listening to while on tour?
Yukimi: Lots of electronic music and other stuff. Everyone on the bus has been sharing their music.
LTT: What's something that sticks out?
Yukimi: ECG

LTT Asks: Have you been inspired on tour to write music?

Yukimi: Yes! I just want to go home and write!
(New Album drops this year/Sometime around Fall!)

LTT Asks: What kind of influences have been shaping the music you will be releasing later?
Yukimi: Lots of South African Electronic.

LTT Asks: If you could take a break from tour to see another band play in concert, who would it be?
Yukimi: We actually wanted to go see the Broadcasts, but we found out the lead singer just died.

& Lastly...

LTT: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?
Yukimi: Probably Flying Lotus.
LTT: Anything in the works?
Yukimi: Not yet.

All and all, great people making great music for the fans with motives to share some Electro Jazzy love. Check out their new album which according to Eric will be released sometime in the fall.

Photographer: Danelle Tran / Follow her on Twitter @DJZompire (Click Here)


  1. "Twice" is such a beautiful song! Should've made it out. Little Dragon is such a great group of musicians. Also - "Flying Lotus", good taste ;)

  2. did you get the actual setlist paper?