Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beach House

Beach House
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Alex Scally (Baltimore /Vocals + Guitar+ Keyboard) & Victoria Legrand (French/Vocals + Organ)
-Started in 2004
-Toured with Grizzly Bear, Cat Power, & Vampire Weekend
-Produced by Chris Coady, who also did TV on the Radio, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blonde Redhead

"Despite its summery name, Beach House creates music that is dark, dreamy, and alluringly hypnotic."

"perfect soundtrack for wintertime solitude."
-Paste Magazine

Songs to Listen to: Zebra, & Walk in the Park (Below)

Free Downloadable MP3 of Walk in the Park, Click here!

Conclusion: Already at the first stages of my obsession over this band, I can safely say that I place their newest album Beach House up there beside my love for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. According to the numerous articles and reviews I've read about them, this is the kind of band that mainly focuses on Tone and Sound. With this in mind, it's easy to see how much work was put into their album Teen Dreams, with the amount of intricacy beyond the vocals. They (Alex + Victoria) are both said to be very particular with what they like, so it's interesting to see the product of two perfectionists with different but obviously similar desires, finding and perfecting such a beautifully put album. Thank you Beach House, I need to see you guys live!

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  1. I saw Beach House live twice in 2010. They are breathtaking. I would put Teen Dream as my favorite album of 2010, hands down. It also helps that I'm madly in love with Victoria Legrand.