Friday, December 10, 2010

Freelance Whales @ The El Mocambo

Freelance Whales @ El Mocambo
December 7, 2010

Before I go into how interesting this concert was, I would like to say their opening acts were perfect for this show! First we had Doris Cellar (member of Freelance Whales) playing a little bit of her own thing at the beginning. She is adorable. I will leave a video for you to judge for yourself. But personally, I loved it!
After her performance, we had the pleasure of hearing Mia Riddle. I don't have an entry on them yet, but it is on its way! Mia's voice is beautiful. Perfect southern sound.But anyways,Freelance Whales! They were great!
For one thing, they were really creative with their instruments. It's always cool to see something different. For example Kevin (Guitarist) started playing his guitar with a special pedal and violin strum, and It sounded much like Whale sounds. So cool! Also Jake (Drums) had some odd peice of circular metal which he also place with a violin strum and it made its own weird noices... Weird in the best way possible! They also made sure to switch instruments a lot, which always kept things exciting! They were fun and definitely worth checkin out if they come through your town.

Check out MY footage of Doris Cellar performing No Place Like Home at El Mocambo Toronto.

Also, here's a video I found of Freelance Whales performing Kilojoules

Free Downloadable MP3 of Broken Horse by Freelance Whales, Click here!

Conclusion: Go see either bands if ever given the opportunity. :)


  1. this is insane, but I was standing behind you during the show (I was the asian girl with the indian guy, haha) and I filmed the youtube clip :). Even crazy coincidence, we both have the same name...and first initial last name. sorry I'm so amused right now!!

  2. That is so cool! :D We need to be facebook friends right now! haha :) Im so happy you somehow stumbled upon this! :)