Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sea of Bees

Julie Ann Bee
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[Julie Ann Bee]

-From Sacramento, CA
-SOB: “Sidepain” I wrote after I had been in a camping accident because I had a little too much H and H. Interviewer: What’s H and H?
SOB: Cheap ass whiskey.
-Played Glastonbury 2011
-Toured with Jenn Grant
-Cute story by SOB: I started when I was around sixteen. My sister and my cousin invited me to church and I never had any friends. Let me start from the beginning. My mom grew up Catholic and she felt that we needed to go to church because she had been brought up in it. So when I was little my sister, my mom and I would go to the Catholic church. I remember there was a guy named Peter, curly hair, hippie, goatee, smelled like b.o. and he played piano. He sang this one song that always got to me, during all the other songs I was sleeping or punching my sister in the arm because church made me irritable. This song got me and I wanted to learn it and learn music but I never knew how. I stopped going to church after that until I was sixteen and my sister and cousin invited me. They noticed that I was a loaner and said “Hey Jules, we just came to the lord and you should come to our church group.” After saying no a few times I went. I came to the door and there was a girl named Laura who gave me a hug. It was really my first hug, I was sixteen years old and didn’t know how to hug or touch. The hug was so nice and I remember thinking “wow that was so nice, so that’s a friend?” I kept coming back to church for that interaction and shortly after that I saw a girl singing with her brother and thought “that’s really beautiful, she’s really beautiful” and it made me want to play music. She really was beautiful, dark hair, angelic voice. Sometimes during worship when everyone was closing their eyes and then looking around to see who was lifting their hands higher, I would just be standing there watching her. Eventually we became really good friends and she had a cd out so I decided to learn one of the songs on it. I would go out to my parents shed at five in the morning because I had to be at swimming by six, and I would go out there, put on her cd and try to learn this song. I would put my finger on a string until I heard the same note and then I would put my other fingers where I thought they should be. It was three chords E, B, and A. Then I started learning how to sing by mimicking her voice and finally felt like I was getting it. I tried out for the worship team and got denied and I felt humiliated.

Songs to Listen to: Skinnybone, The Gold, and Marmalade

Conclusion: What a wonderful voice! I first heard of Sea of Bees while vintage shipping in London and  it was the perfect soundtrack to feeling comfortable and excited with my surroundings. I mean I  was on vacation surrounded by beautiful vintage clothing and shoes... Sea of Bees was the icing on the cake. Her voice is so fragile and her lyrics are so truthful and beautiful. This is basically the definition of beautiful music. All I can say is that I thank that shopkeeper for having great taste in music.


  1. I've been listening to SOB's newish album constantly for about a month. A really lovely, tender sound.

  2. Went to see sea of bees back in April at Hoxton square amazing she has an awesome voice and is very funny Good blog..

    1. I swear you are the third person to tell me about this show in Hoxton. That must have been amazing show! :D