Monday, July 11, 2011


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[Left to right: Sean Gadd (Bass), Andrew Wessen (Guitar), Hannah Hooper (Vocals / Keyboards), Christian Zucconi (Vocals/ Guitar), and Ryan Rabin (Drums)]

-Formed in Los Angeles, California.

-Toured with Florence & The Machine, and Foster the People.
-Played SXSW and are scheduled to play Lollapalooza.
-Played Bands in Transit session, KEXP (SXSW performance), and Rooftop Session.
-Ryan Rabin is the son of former Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin. The group recorded their first EP in Ryan's home studio.
-Hannah met Christian after getting dragged to his show by a friend. They began hanging out shortly after and sporadically decided to venture Greece together. There they met Ryan, Shawn and Andrew and just like that Grouplove was born! (Crazy, huh?)

Songs to listen to: Ichin on a Photograph (below) , Colours, & Don't say Oh Well

Conclusion: I saw them play at Lee's Palace not too long ago with Foster the People and I left incredibly impressed. They were a lot of fun, great to listen to, and amusing to look at. Christians vocals were amazing and left me speechless, especially after they played "Ichin on a Photograph." Their music is the perfect playlist of summer picnics and ice-cream. If you're ever looking for something fun to listen to, Grouplove should be your go to band this summer. Won't regret it, enjoy!

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