Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders

[Left to Right: Timothy Or (bass), Julian Harmon (drums), Christopher (vocals/guitar), Jonathon Ferrell(guitar/keys)]

-Indie Band from Berkeley, California
-Played with so many good bands! IE: The Kooks, Grizzly Bears, Death Cab for Cutie, MGMT, RaRa Riots, We are Scientists and so many others!
-Harmonious tracks slightly resembling The Beach Boys (that's according to the lolla website... I can see how they think that though)
-They're coming to Toronto for three shows : June 2 (Quee
n Elizabeth Theatre) and Aug3-4 (KoolHaus)

Songs to listen to: Excuses, Promises, Waiting for a War

Big Echo (2010)
Wet Cement
Cold War
Pleasure Sighs
Hand Me Downs
Mason Jars
All Day Day Light
Sleeping in

Conclusion: I'm in love. I'm on a mission to find and purchase this CD today! :)

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