Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers
[Left to Right: Algernon Quashie (guitar/keyboard/drums) Alex Gerber (bass/rainstick?) Charlie Brand (vocals/guitar) Rick Schaier (drums/vocals/keyboard)]

Charlie Brand's Twitter: http://twitter.com/charliebrand
Algernon Quashie's Twitter: http://twitter.com/algernonregla
Rick Schaier's Twitter: http://twitter.com/rickschaier
*Alex doesn't use twitter.
(all very updated)

-From Phoenix
-Rolling Stones said that they were one of the 26th best bands off Myspace in 2006
-Have done covers of ABBA (Mamma Mia to be specific.
.. lol)
-Charlie is really into the Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projector Albums... both of which will also be making an appearance at LOLLLAAA
-Algernon is listening to the new 50cent mix tape... sorry Algernon, he's not going to be at Lolla with you. :(
-Alex is listening to Paul Simon and T-REX
-Rick like MIA, but who doesn't now a days
-oh and one more... Charlie wears an Alladin watch!

Free Downloadable MP3 of Tell it to the Volcano, CLICK HERE!

Songs to Listen to: Cannibal Queen, Tchaikovsky and Solitude (listen to this off their myspace), Viking Hearts (you have to hear this one if you like cute/sweet acoustic songs :) )

Tell It to the Volcano 2008
Cannibal Queen
Like or Like Like
Dino Damage
Tell it to the Volcano
Hot Venom
Tchaikovsky & Solitude
The Wolf
Annie Oakley
Haunted Pyramid
Last Night's Fake Blood

Conclusion: Their first CD Tell it to the Volcanoes is a great fun Summer CD. If you haven't listened to it then it is definitely worth your time! I can't wait to see them at Lollapalooza and I realllllly hope they come to Toronto.

Sorry, but i thought this was really random of them and i have to post it... lolol

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